Financial uncertainty

Have you started planning for your retirement?

The UK is entering uncharted territory after the EU referendum, but with relatively few unretired people beyond the age of 55 having started their retirement planning it is important not to lose sight of your long-term savings goals. Changing social, political and demographic factors mean that the outlook for retirement finances in the UK is constantly evolving. Read more

The impact of pension freedoms

More than one in three could retire later than expected

New pension rules which give you far greater flexibility over what you can do with your pension pot came into force on 6 April 2015, but according to Aviva’s latest Working Lives report a third of people aged over 50 who are employed in the private sector are now planning to retire later than they previously hoped. Read more

Reviewing your investment portfolio

Do you know if you are still on track to reach your goals?

Do you know if you are still on track to reach your goals? Or if your money is working as hard for you as it could be? Even the best-planned portfolios need to be reviewed regularly. Markets go up and down, tax rules change, and your personal financial needs and goals shift – perhaps you are nearing retirement, your income has changed or you have recently received a lump sum to invest. Read more