Savvy investors

Time to get wrapped up? How to shelter income and capital gains

For long-term investors, Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are a very tax-efficient wrapper that can hold cash savings as well as investments in stocks and shares. Savvy investors are also able to shelter income and capital gains. Read more

Understanding which investments are most tax-efficient

Which options help minimise the amount of tax you pay?

While deciding what to invest in, it’s also worth thinking about how you’re going to hold your investments. Choosing tax-efficient investments will often mean you’re able to keep a higher proportion of any returns you make. You should always bear in mind that tax rules can change in future. What’s more, the benefit to you of favourable tax treatment (such as that given to Individual Savings Accounts) will depend on your individual circumstances. Read more

Making the right investment choices

Meeting your unique needs today and your financial goals for the future

Investing is about building wealth slowly rather than getting rich overnight. It’s important to have a solid, dependable core to your portfolio and to consider an equity income strategy where reinvesting dividends compounds your returns over time. A well-defined investment strategy is one of the cornerstones of a successful financial life. Read more