2016/17 Year End Planning

Keeping your taxes as low as possible – what you may wish to consider sooner rather than later

The 2016/17 year end for tax planning purposes is now only a matter of months away with the deadline approaching on 5 April. Effective tax planning is about knowing the personal and business taxes you are liable to pay and acting to legally minimise them. It is also about maximising your net income and creating opportunities to invest and save tax-efficiently for the current and future needs of your business, your family and yourself. Read more

Annual and Lifetime Allowance

Annual Allowance

The Annual Allowance is the amount you can pay into a pension fund each year and get tax relief. From 6 April 2016, the Annual Allowance will be tapered from £40,000 for those with earnings of £150,000 or less down to £10,000 for those with income of £210,000 or more. Read more

New State Pension proposals

How will the new changes affect you?

During his Spending Review and Autumn Statement in November last year, George Osborne did not announce any further radical changes to the private pensions system, which was a first for this Parliament. As such. the Treasury has more time to digest the Green Paper consultation from the summer Budget. Read more