State Pension

Greater flexibility over what you can do with your pension pot

The new State Pension will be a regular payment from the Government that you can claim if you reach State Pension age on or after 6 April 2016. If you reach State Pension age on or after that date, you’ll get the new State Pension under the new rules. Read more

Outliving savings

The need for income has been pushed into the spotlight

Nearly three quarters (73%) of mass affluent investors[1] in the UK say it’s important for them to earn an income on their investments, yet they still allocate more than 40% (41%) of their assets to cash, according to the BlackRock Investor Pulse survey. Read more

Planning ahead for retirement

Save now to accumulate the right sum for your future

We all want to save enough to ensure that we have a comfortable retirement. But the challenge is to know just how much income we’ll need as a pensioner – and how to work out how much we’ll need to save now to accumulate the right sum. Read more