How financially prepared are you for your retirement?

Men narrow the gap on women when it comes to life expectancy

Thanks to healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine, people are living longer lives. Men are narrowing the gap on women when it comes to life expectancy in England and Wales. Research in the Lancet indicates a predication that by 2030, men will be living 85.7 years on average – just two fewer than women. The analysis did not cover Scotland, but government data suggests 76.8 years for males and 80.9 years for females. Read more

Planning for the future

Looking at the increasing complexities of pensions

A small number of pensioners are relying on loved ones to help them financially during retirement, and those approaching retirement seem to be in an even worse situation. Yet equally worrying is that people are also far more likely to take financial advice about retirement from friends than from a professional, with more than a million pensioners[1] financially reliant on friends and family, and the next generation even more stretched, according to the latest research from LV=. Read more

Financial uncertainty

Have you started planning for your retirement?

The UK is entering uncharted territory after the EU referendum, but with relatively few unretired people beyond the age of 55 having started their retirement planning it is important not to lose sight of your long-term savings goals. Changing social, political and demographic factors mean that the outlook for retirement finances in the UK is constantly evolving. Read more